Royal Palms, Goregaon (E)


About Apollo III

Expose the skin to pulsed broad-spectrum light for some curing effect, including the photothermolysis effect which transforms photon energy to thermal energy to heat the skin, so as to remove surface defects; and the photochemical effect which transforms photon energy to chemical energy, so as to activate the regeneration and reformation process of deep layer cells. Meanwhile, the photon energy irritation on deep layer of skin and artery can promote blood circulation which brings healthier skin condition.

Skin rejuvenation: lighten pigmentation, reduce wrinkle, shrink pores, increase skins elasticity, and restore skins luster, etc.
Hair removal: remove hair and reduce wrinkles Vascular removal: vascular lesion, angiotelectasis, rubeosis and acne rosacea and acne removal


Light source Pulsed-xenon Lamp
Handpiece SR, VR, HR,AR
Duration 5-30ms
Spot size 40*8mm2, 40*10mm2, 40*16mm2
Frequency 0.5Hz
Display Color LCD touch screen
Counter Independent computer counter for each treatment head
Cooling 0-5
Dimension 560*380*460mm3
Weight 25Kg