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Cryo Electroporation

Electroporation is a technology developed to enable active products to penetrate the skin by applying a powerful voltage and radiofrequency electromagnetic wave.

To achieve an optimum result of the electroporation treatment it is recommended to previously perform a diamond-tip MDA exfoliation or eventually with other method, to remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis and favor substance absorption.

Through electroporation the plasmatic membrane permeability is temporarily altered and causes the opening of intracellular channels enabling the penetration of electroporated active principles.

Electroporation also opens extremely thin channels in the epidermis through intercellular space lipids. This is probably the most important method in medical-aesthetic applications of this technology since it allows substance penetration through the skin.

On applying an alternating current we are stirring the external skin layer cells which generates the opening and variation of spaces through which we enable product spreading throughout the skin.

Electroporation causes a physical skin-cell-rearrangement. Since electroporation uses an alternating current (i.e. it permanently changes direction) this cell-rearrangement turns out to be permanent and it generates new pores and channels while current is active.

Electroporation is a non-invasive alternative to the traditional mesotherapy therefore it is so-called virtual or needle-free mesotherapy (painless procedure). It allows drugs application in a topical way.

Electroporation allows introducing both micro and macromolecules, including those higher than 800,000 Dalton, as hyaluronic acid or heparin, or else of 500,000 Dalton as collagen. Phosphatidylcholine liposomes are the best means to provide substances using this technology.


NON-ionizing and athermic waves
There is no electrical contact with the patient, no chemical burn hazard, muscular fasciculation, pain or swelling. It does not have a galvanic effect or cause muscular stimulation.
It lacks a return electrode (neutral board)
There is no molecular ionization of transferred substances.
Not contraindicated with prosthesis.
It introduces ionic, non-ionic, lipophilic and hydrophilic substances.
It does not need a conductive gel.
It is a practical and user-friendly method.
The effect achieved remains.

Main Applications

Facial skin resurfacing
Lines of expression
Acne scars
Localized adiposity
Stretch marks
Pre and post plastic surgery treatment
Breast firming
Face and neck firming
Keloid, scars
It has 3 handpieces: facial, body and a opcional applicator for scalp therapy.