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A) Various sizes of Cavitation handpieces
Powerful cavitation handpieces of ergonomic design

B) Colorful LCD touch screen
The LCD touch screen panel prevents any contamination on the outside of the screen. Easy and simple UI is applied for user convenience It is easy to use with easy and simple UI.

C) Exclusive wagon
The exclusive wagon for Megason makes you easily keep the components in good order. It is easy to move and store the device with the wagon with wheels.

About Megason

How does it work?

Megason is an ultrasonic body slimming system and enables you to give noninvasive treatments. It uses 30khz ultrasonic frequency to cause cavitation inside of the body and ensures painless effective treatments.


Ultrasonic Cavitation
– cavitation is a process of ultrasounds to generate micro-cavities (bubbles) which grow up until implosion.
– Through the continuing implosion, the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids, which stimulates the activity between the adipocytes and the intercellular liquids.

Monitoring with electroscope of cavitation effect in a human tissue
– Dr. Pedro Lapeuente University of saragoza Spain

Powerful cavitation handpieces
– Ultrasonic waves in a specific range are able to cause the cavitation the cavitation effect.
– Megason safely eliminates pain with ultrasonic cavitation wave length of 36KHz, The automate menu options with pre-set pulsed waves are suited to treat various area of the body.

Clinical Images


Ultrasonic Frequency 32 KHz ~ 36KHz
Applicator type 80Φ , 60Φ
Panel 5.5 inch, Digital Touch screen
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 296 x 357 x 245
Weight 4.8 Kg