Royal Palms, Goregaon (E)


PMS Upgradable Platform

This is an upgradeable platform which can be attached to 7 different handpieces for multi-application purposes. Depending on the application the handpieces are IPL, IPL+RF, Long Pulse Nd: Yag, Er: Yag, Er:Glass, Q-Switched Nd:Yag and RF Handpiece, Easy to use multiple handpiece device.


Repetition Rate 0.5 HZ
Cooling 0 – 5 cooling Laser Handpieces Spot Size
3mm, 6mm,9mmSpot size of IPL Hand pieces 24*8 mm with cooling
Operating Panel 8.4TFT Touch Colour Screen
Dimensions 680*520*530 mm3
Weight 45kg
Wlectrical Requirement 230V 16 A